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Prime Locksmith Mobile Service is a full service 24 Hour locksmith company in and around Greater Boston. Several years of experience between our technicians means you can take comfort in knowing we have the skills necessary to complete your specific task. We are always just a phone call away when you are locked out of your home, business, or car.  If you lost keys for a car that the dealer says is too old for them to make, just give us a call! We are also able to reflash the ECU/ICU for certain vehicles that require this process when all of the keys have been lost.

Our Commercial locksmith experts are trained and educated on fire and life safety codes that require specific exit devices in high traffic areas. If a building inspector or fire marshall is giving your business trouble about emergency egresses, give us a call to get rid of your worries and put your mind at ease. We supply and install door closers, continuous geared hinges, adams rite storefront hardware, panic bar exit devices and more. We also design and install IC (interchangeable) core master key systems, which allow businesses to carry extra lock “cores” on hand to be changed with comfort and ease by the business owner when an employee leaves.

Customer Satisfaction is our top priority!

Our team also has the ability to carry out residential needs in a timely and professional manner. We supply, install, change, rekey, and repair locks as well as provide express home lockout service at any time of day or night. Call us anytime 24/7 for a price quote for your specific needs and an ETA to your location. We are and will continue to be Greater Boston’s best 24 hour locksmith.

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Why is reputation important when researching a 24 hour locksmith company?

People who find themselves in emergency lock and key situations are generally in need of service as soon as possible. Often times they are locked out of their home or car, or have lost their car keys all together. And well, people are busy and have things to do. This leaves people in these situations very vulnerable.

Many 24 hour locksmith companies are well aware of this. They provide low quotes over the phone usually ranging from “$15-29” for lockouts, or “$90-120” for literally every car key. (year make and model of car doesn’t matter? very suspicous). And the story is always the same, cheap price on phone, overcharged on site. By the time the poser locksmith shows up the customer is too exhausted to wait for a reputable company.

Don’t fall for the “$15” 24 hour locksmith scams. Can you imagine any tradesman coming to your location and doing ANY job for $15? Our prices are budget friendly and competitive, but no company is that cheap. We are always honest and up front. Tell us your situation and we will quote you accurately over the phone.

Changing locks is easy. Why should I hire a professional? 


Did you know that most locks are not installed correctly? Take a look at your current exterior door lock for example. Is it a knob lockset with a keyway in the knob? 90% of these locks are not lined up correctly. Do you have a deadbolt above it? Let me guess: You never use the deadbolt because it requires using the key upon exiting. Too much work to deal with.

The most common way an intruder breaks into a home is by sliding a credit card into the curved latch of a latching lock. Keyed entry knob locks have a “deadlatch” function that prevents this. Open the door and take a look at your latch on your knob lock. You will see the latch, followed by a seperated button. Press this button only, then try pushing in the latch. No luck!

When aligned properly with the strike plate, the design of these latches will prevent a “credit card entry attack.” A strike plate is the brass or steel plate installed on a door frame to mate with a lock. A well aligned strike plate will hold in the button for the deadlatch function. It will also allow the latch to well.. latch! No matter how hard the door is forced, the latch will stay in this position when properly deadlatched. Achieving this alignment is difficult, yet extremely necessary to protect everything you have worked so hard for.

Key matching: What is a lock rekey?

Buying and installing your own locks you purchased from the chain store might save you some money. However now you may be stuck with several different keys for different locks throughout the property. Do you really want to carry several different keys?

Call our 24 hour locksmith team to rekey your locks to one key. We can even do this to your current locks so you can save on hardware costs. Now you’ll have less bulk in your pockets everyday! Carry just one key for your entire home!

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