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Prime Locksmith Mobile Service provides a full range of services when it comes to working with locks, keys, and remotes on cars, trucks, and various other motor vehicles. Our training and experience in the field has led our technicians to provide top quality service for your particular situation in a timely affordable fashion.

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24 Hour Lost Car Key Replacement 

24 Hour Car Keys / Smart Keys / Remotes Cut and Programmed at Your Convenience!

Losing your car keys can seem like a nightmare situation to most people. Often times people think that the only place to get new keys made is at the dealership, and we all know the outrageous prices they charge for the simplest parts and tasks. Not to mention the fact that the dealer will need you to tow your vehicle to their location in order to program any transponder keys. Dealerships also refuse to make keys to vehicles over 10 years old in most cases.

That’s where Prime Locksmith Mobile Service comes in. We stock and supply keys, remotes, remote keys, and smart keys to most vehicles on the road today! Our technicians are always out on the road, ready to come to your vehicles location so you don’t have to pay an extra expense for a tow. We also carry state of the art key machines and key/remote programmers to allow us to cut standard or high security sidewinder and wormcut keys, as well as program newer vehicles with the latest programming software. When all keys are lost, our technicians are able to decode the vehicles locks, or in some cases run the vehicles VIN number to retrieve the vehicle’s factory key cuts.

Ignition/Door Lock – Repair/Replacement Service

honda ignition lock jammed repair

Honda Ignitions removed repaired and reinstalled (very common issue)

Certain vehicles are highly prone to ignition lock cylinder failure due to flaws in engineering. When you call us up and explain your vehicles issue, there’s a high chance it is actually a common problem for your vehicle that we deal with on a regular basis. Depending on your vehicle, we will be able to provide you with a proper solution over the phone, as well as offer a price and time quote. If it is not a common issue, sometimes we will offer different quotes depending on the cause and solution of the problem to be discovered on site.

Here’s a short list of the most common vehicles with ignition lock cylinder issues in our experience:

  • Honda models 2003 and up (high security sidewinder keys, we repair ignition and provide new keys)
  • Ford Focus 2000-2005 (Generally requires new ignition lock cylinder)
  • Late 90’s/early 00’s Toyota models (sometimes just needs new factory key cut, sometimes needs ignition repaired/changed)

Vehicle Lockout Service

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Our 24 hour car locksmith‘s can open any vehicle including many luxury vehicles that require some skill, knowledge, and specialized tools to open. Our lockout tools are laminated and designed to leave no damage to the vehicle opened. There is no need to fret if you have hired another company to open your vehicle and they could not complete the task. Let our experts handle the situation so you can focus on your tasks ahead.

ECU/ICU Eeprom Reflashing

Certain vehicles require the vehicles computer, known as the ECU or ICU, to be replaced or “flashed” in order to program new keys to the vehicle in lost key situations. This is because the vehicle engineers did not focus on lost key situations, especially when transponder systems were new to certain makes, and they did not allow access to the immobilizer via OBDII port. A new ECU/ICU could easily cost between $1000-3000 installed depending on the vehicle. We provide a service know as reflashing which allows us to remove the vehicles current computer, open it up, connect a specialized tool to the IC chip, and “flash” a new transponder key into the vehicle’s memory. This service is more expensive than a regular lost key situation, however it saves several hundreds, if not thousands, over replacing the vehicles computer.

car locksmith ecu icu reflashing

ECU removed and flashed from a 2001 Lexus ES300


1995-2005 Acura NSX
1996-2004 Acura RL
1997-2002 Honda Prelude
1998-2001 Lexus ES300
1998-2001 Lexus GS300
1998-2000 Lexus GS400
2001 Lexus IS300
1997-2001 Lexus LS400
1998-2000 Lexus LX470
1999-2003 Lexus RX300
1998-2000 Lexus SC300
1998-2000 Lexus SX400
2002-2010 Lexus SC430
1998-2000 Toyota 4Runner
1998-2004 Toyota Avalon
1998-2001 Toyota Camry
2001-2003 Toyota Highlander
1998-2000 Toyota Landcruiser24 Hours Lost Car Keys
2000+ Toyota MR2 Spyder
2001-2003 Toyota Prius
2001-2003 Toyota Rav4
1999-2003 Toyota Sienna
2003-2007 Toyota Sequoia
1998-2001 Toyota Solara
2002-2003 Toyota Solara

This is not a complete list. There are also vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Saab and some others that require a locksmith to reflash the computer, while the dealer may have transponder chip values on file or special tools to allow them to make the keys slightly cheaper through a different process that may be unavailable to locksmiths. It may still be worth it to have us perform the service if the dealership is closed and you need your vehicle as soon as possible.

(Source: ezkeylocksmith)


Motorcycle keys

motorcycle keys automotive locksmith

Our Motorcycle Locksmiths can make keys for your bike!

It is very common for motorcycle riders to lose their keys during the long off season here in New England. Another common issue is jammed lock cylinders on bikes that may have been left in the elements, or just due to age. This causes anxious riders to break their only keys leaving them in a desperate situaiton to have a new one made once Spring finally rolls around.

Our motorcycle locksmith experts provide new keys to most makes and models (including Harley tubular/ace keys) using specialized tools and lock decoding methods, even when all keys have been lost or damaged. No need to tow the bike because our vehicles bring the shop to you!

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