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commercial locksmithPrime Locksmith Mobile Service provides professional, commercial locksmith service and holds several accounts with businesses and business management teams across the Greater Boston area. Give us a call 24 hours a day to join our always growing list of accounts! Fast same day service guaranteed! Need to email a work order? [email protected]


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Are you a business/property owner or business/property management team?

Let our team of professional commercial locksmith technicians handle your needs. Prime Locksmith Mobile Service provides fast same day expert advice, service, and installations of various storefront and office lock and door hardware. Our hardware is warrantied by us for one year of use, but will most likely last decades with our expert technicians. But don’t take our word for it, see our customer reviews on Google, Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, and more! Our commercial locksmith technicians will diagnose your specific needs and provide your business with proper door control, at very competitive prices, so you can get back to business in a timely manner.

“Prime Locksmith provided us with electronic lock replacement services on two occasions at both our Koko FitClub South Shore locations. Dave got back to us right away on a Sunday, was extremely prompt and professional, provided excellent communication and details on his services. His estimate on parts and services are very reasonable. We highly recommend hiring Prime Locksmith for your home or business.”

Commercial Locksmith Hardware we install, service, and/or repair

  • adams rite storefront hardware (flipbolt, latch, hookbolt)
  • push paddles
  • panic/crash bars
  • door closers
  • continuous geared hinges
  • safes
  • electric strikes
  • roll down gate hardware
  • office lever locksets
  • high security cylinders with key control
  • alarmed exit devices
  • mortise locks
  • electronic knob and leversets
  • mechanical push button knob and leversets
  • chain stops
  • IC core (contruction core) cylinders

Door closers and door control

In order for a business to have proper door control, it is essential to have the proper grade doocommercial locksmithr closer installed, and in some instances (storefronts, windy areas) even a chain stop. A chain stop ensures that the full weight of the door is not stopped by the closer arm, which will greatly reduce the lifetime of the closer installed. Our technicians provide and install closers from reputable brands only, such as Norton, Arrow, LCN, and Falcon. A properly installed closer is installed parallel arm whenever possible, and never allows the arm to stretch fully, thus stopping the full weight of the door. The backcheck function of a closer is there to provide proper stopping power. A properly install closer also allows users including the elderly to open and close a door freely, without using heavy force. The closer will also take 5-7 seconds to close and fully latch the door. Our team always uses the proper installing techniques and adjusts the various settings on each closer to provide years or even decades of worry free use.

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Continuous Geared Hinges

Prime Locksmith Mobile Service and our commercial locksmith technicians often encounter storefront aluminum doors that have become out of alignment. A swinging door has two forms of alignment: Square line and plum line. Over the course of several years with traditional hinges, the weight of a door often times puts too much stress on the doors top hinge, causing it to bind, loosen up, or even start to pull itself out of the door frame, causing the door to lose its square line, and in some cases even the plum line. The roll pin inside the hinge in most cases gets destroyed. Our solution in most cases is to install a continuous geared hinge, also known as a piano hinge. These come in two forms, half surface and full surface, depending on the door frame, and which form of door alignment has been lost. Our commercial locksmith team provides Roton Continuous Geared Hinges, a very reputable and durable grade hinge guaranteed to solve door alignment issues. 



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Call 24/7! Speak directly with a locksmith when you call! 6172381371