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Are you locked out of your home or need emergency lock changes following a dispute? Give us a call immediately for a price estimate and ETA for fast professional residential locksmith service! We are locally owned and operated for budget friendly pricing! No call centers! Speak directly with a trained residential locksmith when you call! 

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Prime Locksmith Mobile Service LLC provides the Greater Boston area with professional residential locksmith services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team provides fast professional residential locksmith solutions to people who find themselves locked out of their homes. In addition, we provide lock rekey and lock change services for customers who have recently moved. We have the knowledge and skills necessary to repair doors that may not be closing properly anymore. This can be due to aging, heavy use, and weather related expansion and/or compression. We even provide, install, repair, and adjust door closers for total door control in areas where owners and tenants need to be sure that a door always closes and locks behind tenants.


24 Hour Residential Locksmith Lockout Service

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Residential Locks picked open for customers who are locked out

Are you locked out of your house, condo, or apartment? This happens to everyone at some point and can be an exceptionally frustrating experience for anyone. Prime Locksmith Mobile Service LLC provides fast professional 24 hour lockout service to help relieve the stress of your situation. Our  residential locksmiths have the tools and skills from years of experience to bypass the locks. Our goal is to save you money over the expense of kicking a door down, breaking a window, or other form of forced entry. We also only advertise to our local area so you know we can be there fast at any time of day. Our locksmith technicians also open various residential safes when the owners have lost a key, forgotten a combination, or have a lock malfunction.

 “Fantastic service again from prime locksmith. I locked myself and two young daughters out of the house on a Saturday with my husband out of town. Dave was here within 10 mins of calling him and that was without even mentioning there were kids outside in the cold with me.
He was very professional and very knowledgable about the type of locks on the door so within minutes has us back inside.” –Sinead O’Connor of Milton, MA.


Residential Locks Changed and rekeyed

24 Hour Emergency service!

Have you recently moved and are looking to secure your new residence? Maybe you’re worried that old tenants and their family and friends might have keys to your current locks? It is always a good idea to change your locks or the keys that they work on everytime you move to ensure that you, your family, and your belongings are safe. You never know who has a key or has made key copies that have been handed out. Our team of professional locksmiths provides mobile lock changes and lock rekey services at competitive rates, and can schedule immediately or at your convenience. Our mobile workshops are fully stocked with various types of residential door locks to ensure we have what we need on site at multiple different locations on a regular basis.

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Residential Locks Being Rekeyed inside one of our Mobile Locksmith Workshops.

What is a Lock Rekey?

Most residential keyed locks these days work on a pin tumbler system using different sized “pins” inside the lock cylinders, corresponding to the different key cut heights on the working user key. Our locksmiths take the locks apart and replace the key pin tumblers, matching the lock to a new key. This service ensures that the customer can keep the existing locks, while changing the keys that they work on. This saves money over changing the locks as this service is all labor with no replacement locks needed to be supplied or installed. It’s perfect for customers on a budget.


Call 24/7 for an Immediate Quote and ETA!

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Break in Repair 

Has your place of residence been broken into? This is a terrible experience for anyone, whether belongings have been stolen or not. In our years of experience, we have seen some serious damage done to locks, doors, and door frames from breakins. If you find yourself with a cracked door, we supply and install metal “wrap arounds” to repair the door, saving you the cost of buying and installing a new door. Our residential locksmiths supply and install new doors as well. If the door frame is damaged, our residential locksmiths can rebuild them to help get your place of residence secure again.


commercial locksmith residential locksmith door closer

A Door closer installed in the top jamb position

Door Closers

Door closers provide a greater sense of security by providing a door with door control. This allows our customers to ensure a door is closed and locked every time someone enters or exits a building. This works great in areas with common doors for multiple units. The tenants feel safe from intruders, as well as keep their energy bills lower. The landlord is given peace of mind as well, from unwanted guests entering and leaving as they please. Prime Locksmith Mobile Service LLC supplies and installs quality door closers at your location. Call for an estimate for your particular door.


Master Key Systems

Are you a property owner with containers full of mixed keys for an apartment building or multi-family home? Our residential locksmiths rekey the locks to each unit to provide a user key and a master key. A tenant has the ease of one key for his/her unit. A landlord has the ease of one master key for the building. We can also rekey the common doors so that the master key works on them as well. Give us a call for a quote to put your building on a master key system!

Call 24 hours for a Fast Quote and ETA! Speak directly with a locksmith when you call! (617) 238-1371

Residential Locksmith Services

  • 24 hour emergency lockout service
  • Locks changes or rekeys
  • master key systems
  • door closers supplied and installed
  • locks supplied and installed
  • electric strikes repaired or supplied and installed
  • door repair
  • break in repair
  • hinge adjustments or replacements




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